Hong Kong Open Data Index 2020/21 Assessment

With better open data, we could be more empowered to monitor the government and make society better!

After more than a year’s effort of reviewing international standards and stakeholder consultation, we have finally launched the Hong Kong Open Data Index and accomplished the first assessment of open data readiness in Hong Kong. It is our vision that a better open data policy in Hong Kong will make a better society. In this project, we will monitor the improvement of open data readiness in Hong Kong, urge for better open data policy by introducing best practices and drawing policy recommendations. However, the launch of the index and 2019/20 assessment are merely the first step towards a society empowered by open data. We should continue monitoring and assessing the progress of open data policy in Hong Kong, and we hope to bring you the open data readiness assessment in 2020/21 and introduce more up-to-date best practices. Internet Society Hong Kong is a small non-profit organisation, with only two full-time staff running the Hong Kong Open Data Index project, as well as educational events and campaign of other Internet governance issues. Therefore, we call for your support to sustain the annual assessment, the open data index, and open data public education events.

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