How we started

June 2018
The idea of developing an open data index for Hong Kong sprouted during an ISOC HK meeting.
Logo of Internet Society Hong Kong Chapter
September 2018 to March 2019
Feasibility study to explore the framework of the HKODI.
2 March 2019
International Open Data Day 2019:
First public appearance of the HKODI framework
Logo for Open Source Hong Kong
July 2019 to April 2020
HKODI's work kicked off
  1. Research work on Hong Kong’s open data’s progress began
  2. Outreached to Hong Kong and external stakeholders
March 2020
Assessment completed; Developed and launched the website
May 2020
OFFICIAL LAUNCH of HKODI 2020 at Press conference on 14 May 2020
Image of Benjamin Zhou, Ho Wa Wong and Ben Cheng, the people behind Open Data
November 2020
Became a regional hub of the Global Data Barometer, a new benchmark on data governance, capability, availability and data use for the public good.
December 2020
Blasted out “Survey on Hong Kong People’s view on Open Data” with the help of Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute (HKPORI)
Logo for the Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute
February 2021
Started writing CNEWS column on Open Data to increase public awareness
Logo for CNews
July 2021
Released HKODI x HKPORI “Survey on Hong Kong People’s view on Open Data” result report
Image for the released report "Survey of Hong Kobg People's view on Open Data"
August 2021 to November 2021
HKODI 2021 research period and participated in the Global Data Barometer survey
September 2021
Submitted our views on Hong Kong’s Open Data policy to 2021 Policy Address
November 2021
Participated in HKBU General Education course “Take A Stand” Seminar to promote HKODI & introduce Open Data
An image of an even in HKBU's General Education Course "Take a stand"
March 2022
  • Launching HKODI 2021
  • Joining the launch of Global Data Barometer comparing Hong Kong with 100+ other jurisdictions on data governance for the public good.
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